Mayor Megan Barry signs Complete Street Executive Order

The passing of this executive order allows the Metropolitan Government to build safe, reliable, efficient, integrated and connected system of Green and Complete Streets. A complete street is a roadway that allows access, mobility and health for all people, regardless of their age, physical ability, or mode of transportation. Complete Streets balance the accommodation of all users of the transportation system, including, people who walk, bike, take transit, drive, transport freight, operate emergency vehicles, or own adjacent land. The concept of a Green Street improves environmental quality through the inclusion of street trees, swales, native plants and grasses, that reduce stormwater runoff, optimize storm-water quality, and enhance natural environment. 

Highlights of this policy include:

  • Every transportation improvement project phase will be approached with the purpose to create greener, safer, and more accessible streets for all users.
  • All Public Way plans, guides, regulations and engineering standards will be updated within one year to align with this policy.
  • Whenever possible the city will incorporate street trees and green infrastructure.
  • Any exception to this policy must receive interdepartmental staff review and approval, and the decision must be supported by publicly available documentation.
  • Major goal to have zero traffic-related deaths on Nashville streets.

To read the entire order, click here. This order compliments the work currently being done on Metro’s Strategic Plan for Sidewalks and Bikeways. To learn more about that plan and how to get involved, click here.